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Monday, June 14, 2010 7:54:21 AM
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 Jared Horstman made his way to victory lane as the ASCS Sprints on Dirt made the first of two appearances this season at Butler (Mi.) Speedway. Jake Rendel won his first of the season in the sportsman class, while Keith Hiller repeated in the street stock division.
 Kyle Sauder and Dain Naida made up the front row for the ASCS Sprints on Dirt feature. Naida slid high off turn two on the start, losing several positions, while Sauder led until making contact with a spinning car. Horstman started inside the second row and was challenging Sauder for the top spot just before the incident and took over the top spot.
 Dustin Daggett, a winner a night earlier in the Sprints on Dirt event at Hartford Speedway, moved into second for the restart and ducked underneath Horstman in turn 1. But the young Ohio driver was able to hold Daggett at bay, and then two laps later Daggett would slide high off turn 3, losing several spots.
 Sean Robinson, Ron Blair and Ryan Grubaugh would each take their turns holding the runner-up spot, with none able to get past the rim-riding Horstman. Grubaugh, the 2010 SOD point leader, closed at the finish to take second. Blair would be fourth at the finish, with 2009 SOD champion Brett Mann slipping past for third. Fifth through 10th were Daggett, Naida, Gregg Dalman, Ben Rutan, Mark Broughman, and Mark Aldrich.
 Daggett won a heat race and the dash, with other heats going to Sauder and Mann. The 'B' Main was won by Aaron Smith.
 Steve Langdon started on the pole for the sportsman feature and led much of the early stages of the event. Fourth-starting Jake Rendel made his way to second early, and hounded Langdon in a race that saw several cautions and a red flag period. Rendel eventually was able to sweep around Langdon on the outside on a restart, taking two-time winner Eric Swan with him. Rendel and Swan would spend the remainder of the race in a tight battle for the lead, with Rendel able to hold on to record the win.
 Marty French was third, with Langdon fourth, and Dwayne Feltner fifth. The rest of the top 10 were Tim Wilber, Wes Bates, Fred Speck, Ryan Crandall, and Chris Tressler. Sportsman heat races were won by Rendel, French, and Crandall.
 Defending street stock champion Bob Rendel started on the pole for that division's feature, with Keith Hiller alongside. Hiller streaked into the lead at the outset and would lead start-to-finish. Walter Otis spent much of the race in the runner-up spot, until Glenn Heath passed on a restart with five laps to go. Heath trailed Hiller the remainder of the race, but never found a way around.
 Following Hiller and Heath at the finish were Brandon Hyliard, Bob Dooley, and Otis. Sixth through 10th were Sheryll Dishaw, Jeremy Lutz, James Brooks, and Tom Miller. Street stock heat races were won by Dooley, Heath, Jeff Burroughs, and Scott Hagaman. The 'B' Main was captured by Matt Prater.

Butler Speedway Results --- June 12, 2010
ASCS Sprints on Dirt
Feature: 1. 17 Jared Horstman, 2. 00 Ryan Grubaugh, 3. 19 Brett Mann, 4. 35 Ron Blair, 5. 2m Dustin Daggett, 6. 6n Dain Naida, 7. 49t Gregg Dalman, 8. 23 Ben Rutan, 9. 52 Mark Broughman, 10. 27k Mark Aldrich, 11. 46 Robert Huisken, 12. 38 Aaron Smith, 13. 87 Gavin Hunyady, 14. 22 Aaron Shaffer, 15. 31j Bill Jacoby, 16. 55 Kirk Cheney, 17. 10 Pete Ishi, 18. 1r Sean Robinson, 19. 7k Kyle Sauder, 20. 27 Perry McMillan
Heat Winners: Kyle Sauder, Brett Mann, Dustin Daggett
B Main: Aaron Smith
Dash: Dustin Daggett
Feature: 1. 06 Jake Rendel, 2. 0s Eric Swan, 3. 00 Marty French, 4. 38 Steve Langdon, 5. 36 Dwayne Feltner, 6. 0w Tim Wilber, 7. 69 Wes Bates, 8. 90 Fred Speck, 9. 10c Ryan Crandall, 10. 419 Chris Tressler, 11. 21 Scott Newsome, 12. 45 Matt Bell, 13. 53 Jay Davison, 14. 23 Jon Hadley, 15. 13 Charles Clawson, 16. 20 Cameron Hoaglin, 17. 006 Jarrett Rendel, 18. 79 Logan Beckwith, 19. 4 Guy Hummerding, 20. 42 Larry Henderson, 21. X9 Bill Vorce, 22. 25b Doug Bildner
Heat Winners: Ryan Crandall, Jake Rendel, Marty French
Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 22 Keith Hiller, 2. 58 Glenn Heath, 3. 33 Brandon Hyliard, 4. 80 Bob Dooley, 5. 29 Walter Otis, 6. 006 Jarrett Rendel, 7. 42 Sheryll Dishaw, 8. 83 Jeremy Lutz, 9. 81 James Brooks, 10. 18 Tom Miller, 11. 06 Bob Rendel, 12. 10b Kevin Butters, 13. 86 David Collins, Jr., 14. 24 Grady Jarrell, 15. 04 Scott Hagaman, 16. 37b Jeff Burroughs, 17. 99 Shawn McFeters, 18. 03 Fred Collins, 19. 08 Tommy Napier, DNS -- 53 Matt Prater
Heat Winners: Bob Dooley, Glenn Heath, Jeff Burroughs, Scott Hagaman
B Main: Matt Prater
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