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Saturday, June 19, 2010 2:23:09 PM
Brian Lay claims first Butler win of 2010

 Brian Lay during Saturday's program at Butler.

  Three of four classes at Butler (Mi.) Speedway saw first time winners for the 2010 season, as Brian Lay (winged sprints), Josh Lolmaugh (UMP Modifieds), and Steve Langdon (Sportsman) took checkers on Saturday. Bob Dooley was a repeat winner in the street stock class.

  Doug Zimmerman entered Saturday's event with the points lead in the winged sprints, and drew the pole position for the feature event. Lay started outside the front row and would lead the opening five laps, but Zimmerman used his patented high-side move to fly past and led the next seven laps until mechanical woes would end his race. With Zimmerman sidelined, Lay regained the lead and never relinquished it again. Nine-time track champion Ken Mackey made his way to second in the late stages but couldn't chase down the Ohio driver.

  Shawn Valenti, making his first Butler appearance of 2010, was third at the checker. Dan Hall was fourth, with Shelby Bilton driving to fifth. Former Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series (HOSS) champion Greg Wheeler was also making his first stop at the track this season and was sixth, with Gerry Hart seventh, Rocky LoPresto eighth, Mike Baker ninth, and Tom Davies tenth. Sprint car heat races were won by Lay, Zimmerman, and Mackey.

  Ryan Crandall and Steve Langdon made up the front row for sportsman feature, with Langdon quickly jumping into a lead he'd never give up. Marty French and Eric Swan, both feature winners this season, moved to the front in the early going but could never chase Langdon down. Swan would eventually drop out with mechanical problems, while French challenged heavily at the finish but was relegated to second. Fred Speck was third, with Tim Wilber fourth and Jake Rendel fifth. Sixth through 10th were Cameron Hoaglin, Steve Billingsley, James Hadley, Scott Newsome, and Doug Bildner. Sportsman heat races were won by Speck and French.

  Lolmaugh started on the pole for the UMP Modified feature and jumped into the lead at the outset. Brian Przepiora dove beneath on the backstretch for the lead on a restart and would build a lead, but he spun and had to rejoin the field at the tail, putting Lolmaugh back in the lead. Lolmaugh then had to hold off John Swift, who pulled alongside several times using the high side of the speedway to near perfection.

  Following Lolmaugh and Swift at the finish were Zeke McKenzie, Ryan Cripe, and Kevan Free. Four of the top 5 finishers in the event were from Indiana, with Swift the highest finishing Michigan driver. The rest of the top 10 were Matt Corliss, Terry Stratton, Przepiora, defending track champion Tommy Beezley, and Greg Socha. Heat races were won by McKenzie, Przepiora, and Mike Langdon. Socha captured the 'B' Main.
  Sheryll Dishaw and Kevin Butters led the field to the green flag in the street stock feature. Dishaw held the point at the end of the first circuit, but Butters and fourth-starting Dooley ducked under Dishaw exiting turn 4 on the second lap. However, Butters would bring out the race's first caution when he spun in turn 1 on the next lap. Dooley took over the point and led the remainder of the race.
  Defending street stock champion Bob Rendel spent the entire race in the top three, and was second at the checker. Two-time winner Keith Hiller and former champion Glenn Heath both made charges from deep in the pack, at times providing the best action on the track during the event. Hiller came from an eighth-row starting spot to take third, while Heath took fourth from a seventh-row starting spot. Fifth through 10th were Brandon Hyliard, Jeremy Lutz, Bruce Stephens, Shawn McFeters, Fred Collins, and Butters. Dishaw was credited with 14th.


Butler Speedway Results -- June 19, 2010
Winged Sprints
Feature: 1. 45 Brian Lay, 2. 25m Ken Mackey, 3. 28 Shawn Valenti, 4. 11 Dan Hall, 5. 27 Shelby Bilton, 6. 48 Greg Wheller, 7. 39 Gerry Hart, 8. 57 Rocky LoPresto, 9. 12b Mike Baker, 10. 44 Tom Davies, 11. 9q Ken Quimby, 12. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 13. 27k Ryan Kirkendall, 14. 1 Sean Robinson, 15. 23 Chris Jones, 16. 38 Aaron Smith, 17. 2m Steve Mackey
Heat Winners: Brian Lay, Doug Zimmerman, Ken Mackey

UMP Modifieds
Feature: 1. 25 Josh Lolmaugh, 2. 2 John Swift, 3. 24 Zeke McKenzie, 4. 23 Ryan Cripe, 5. 21f Kevan Free, 6. 28 Matt Corliss, 7. 78 Terry Stratton, 8. 1 Brian Przepiora, 9. 69 Tommy Beezley, 10. 95 Greg Socha, 11. 25b Brian Lolmaugh, 12. 15e Matt Eagen, 13. 06 Jake Rendel, 14. 14s Jessie Sroufe, 15. 6 David Sibberson, 16. 31j Ray Jackson, 17. 8 Corey Bevard, 18. 5d Matt Bruielly, 19. 48 Mike Langdon, 20. 23 Jon Hadley
Heat Winners: Mike Langdon, Zeke McKenzie, Brian Przepiora
'B' Main: Greg Socha

Feature: 1. 38 Steve Langdon, 2. 00 Marty French, 3. 90 Fred Speck, 4. 0w Tim Wilber, 5. 06 Jake Rendel, 6. 20 Cameron Holicki, 7. 57 Steve Billingsley, 8. 23 James Hadley, 9. 21 Scott Newsome, 10. 25b Doug Bildner, 11. 29 Zack Henderson, 12. 45 Matt Bell, 13. 69 Wes Bates, 14. 36 Dwayne Feltner, 15. 0 Eric Swan, 16. 10c Ryan Crandall
Heat Winners: Fred Speck, Marty French

Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 80 Bob Dooley, 2. 06 Bob Rendel, 3. 22 Keith Hiller, 4. 58 Glenn Heath, 5. 33 Brandon Hyliard, 6. 83 Jeremy Lutz, 7. 6x Bruce Stephens, 8. 99 Shawn McFeters, 9. 03 Fred Collins, 10. 10b Kevin Butters, 11. 81m Terry Milliman, 12. 5 Randy Nichols, Jr., 13. 29 Walter Otis, 14. 42 Sheryll Dishaw, 15. 81b James Brooks, 16. 25 Randy Smith, 17. 18 Tom Miller, 18. 7r John Ruby, 19. 006 Jarrett Rendel, 20. 95 Joe Elliott
Heat Winners: Bob Dooley, Kevin Butters, Glenn Heath, Keith Hiller
'B' Main: John Ruby

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    Street Stocks Standings
    1:Chris Garrett1,516
    2:Jeff Hinkley Jr-74
    3:Jake Rendel-113
    4:Dustin Hyliard-154
    5:Josh Garrett-267

    Sportsman Standings
    1:Scott Gaff1,488
    2:Jake Rendel-75
    3:Steve Langdon-113
    4:Jarrett Rendel-276
    5:Fred VanEvey-399

    Sprints Standings
    1:Brad Lamberson1,251
    2:Doug Zimmerman-131
    3:Ryan Kirkendall-300
    4:Quentin Blonde (r)-384
    5:Roger Campbell-391

    Modifieds Standings
    1:Jake Rendel1,052
    2:Josh Lolmaugh-28
    3:Corey Bevard-256
    4:Jon Hadley-312
    5:Jarrett Rendel-324

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