Quick Results Sept. 2, 2017

Quick Results Sept. 2, 2017
Posted: Sunday, September 03, 2017
Street stock division feature results: 1.) 80 Bob Dooley, 2.) 22 Keith Hiller, 3.) 58 Glenn Heath, 4.) 25s Charles Smith, 5.) 11K Larry Kulikowski, 6.) 15c Matt Carlisle, 7.) 99m Shawn McFeters, 8.) 45 John Reeve, 9.) 67B Mason Bevard, 10.) 227 Rick Kidney, 11.) 357 Dustin Danke, 12.) 7k Elzie Kipp, 13.) 42 Sheryll Dishaw, 14.) 14s Steve Webb, 15.) C2 Bob Cundiff Jr., 16.) 18 Tom Miller, 17.) 01 Terry Bumpus, 18.) 19 Kevin Robinette, 19.) 21B Braxton Straick, 20.) 23R Jamie Roberts, 21.) 27 Jeremy Sadger, 22.) 35R Levi Collins, 23.) 7R John Ruby (DNS).

Heat race wins went to Shawn McFeters, Bob Dooley and Terry Bumpus.

The season champion in the street stock division was Glenn Heath.

Feature action in the other three divisions was halted during the sprint car feature after a serious emergency situation in the pits. The three features to decide season champions will be run Sept. 9.

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