Butler Motor Speedway - 2014 Street Stock Rules

  1. Appearance
    1. Numbers with letters are allowed Make the letter large enough to be seen from the scoring tower.
    2. Numbers must measure minimum of 22 inches high by a minimum of 15 inches in width. The thickness of the number must be no less than 3 inches.
    3. Color of the number must be contrasting with the car color.
    4. Numbers must be located on both doors and the roof of the car. Put the roof number so it can be read from the tower when the car is on the front stretch.
  2. BODY
    1. All glass, chrome, upholstery and mirrors must be removed.
      1. No side windows - Opera Window Only - Safety Issue
    2. Body must be mounted in stock location.
    3. Body must be stock appearing.
    4. Doors can be cut out for door bars.
    5. Nose must be stock appearing for make of car.
    6. Plastic or aftermarket nose pieces are allowed but cannot be the Late Model slope aerodynamic/down force type nose.
    7. Replacement aluminum panels are ok, but must be stock appearing.
    8. Rub bars (rails) max 1" x 1" only, no squared off corners, bolt heads out.
    9. Top May be removed to install the roll cage, but the top must be replaced in the stock location.
    10. Trunk area may be cut to allow for mandatory fuel cell.
    1. Holley Demon carbs or Holley 2 barrel 4412 are ok.
    2. Single feed, single pumper only. Dual Feed Single Pump Ok
    1. American Made cars or full size Uni-body cars.
    2. Camaro's are ok.
    3. Stock wheelbase.
    1. A competition-type 4 point roll cage is required and must be constructed with tubing that is a minimum of one and one-half inches in diameter, with a minimum of .095 wall thickness.
    2. A minimum of three horizontal door bars are required for the passenger's side of the car.
    3. A minimum of three horizontal door bars is required in the driver's door.
    4. A radiator protection bar is optional.
    5. Three driver protection bars are required in the windshield ahead of the driver, made of at least half inch tubing.
    6. You may run front and rear bars through the stock firewall, with 1 kicker bar to the frame.
    1. Mandatory drive shaft hoop 12 inches behind front u-joint.
    2. Must be painted white and must remain white all season.
    1. Aluminum intake manifolds dual plane only. Center divider can be cut down 1 inch down from Carb Mount. Gauge will be used at any time track official request carb to be pulled.
    2. Angle plug heads are ok.
    3. Full size non metric cars (15") max front top steering box bolt center to front exhaust manifold bolt center.
    4. Headers to be used under chassis also called grass burners, no over the top, no cross over headers, exhaust tube to be used to extend exhaust to exit behind driver, to exit at least 5" behind rear hoop of roll cage.
    5. Metric cars (12") max top front steering box bolt center to front exhaust manifold bolt center
    6. Roller tip or roller rockers are allowed.
    7. The engine and body must be manufactured by the same corporate manufacturer. (I.E., GM to GM, Ford to Ford, etc.)
    1. All street stock A Main winners will start the following week as the last car ahead of B transfer spots.
    1. The Fuel cell must be a steel container with two inch by 1/8 inch steel strap on each side to securely mount the fuel cell.
    1. HEI distributors are allowed.
    2. No MSD boxes.
    1. Butler Speedway staff, officials and ownership reserve the right to inspect cars at any time for any reason.
    2. If you are not legal at inspection time you will be loaded for the night.
    1. 5 point harness must have manufactured tag with date not to exceed 3 years old. Belts must be installed to manufacturer's specifications.
    2. All cars must have aluminum racing seat and attached directly to roll cage.
    3. All cars must run a window net on driver's side that latches at the top is mandatory.
    4. An operational 2 and a half pound minimum fire extinguisher with gauge visible for inspection purpose is mandatory.
    5. Flame retardant diver suit.
    6. Flame retardant racing gloves.
    7. Inside of roll cage must have protection padding where head can make contact.
    8. Mandatory 1/8 inch steel plate for drivers door.
    9. SNELL SA 2000 approved helmet with sticker no more than 8 years old. (In 2010 sticker must be dated after 2002)
    10. Some type of neck restraint device must be worn at all time on the track. Neck collar, Hans devise, D-cell or G-force.
    1. Aluminum radiators are allowed.
    1. 9 inch Ford are ok.
    3. Rear ends may be locked or welded.
    1. No cutting of upper or lower A arms.
    2. No slider boxes, no third links and no adjustments.
    3. Rear screw jacks are ok.
    4. Shocks and springs must be in stock location.
    5. Stock in front, NO screw jacks. screw cups or spacers are OK
    6. Stock lower A arms.
    7. Trailing arms to be in stock mounts with no adjustments, stock leaf springs in stock location.
    8. Tubular upper A arms ok, must be stock length for car and in stock mounts.
    9. Uni-body cars must tie front & rear subs.
  16. TIRES
    1. American Racer 70 series are optional.
    2. Any 70 or 78 series STREET DOT tire.
    3. NO All Terrian Tires PERIOD - Tech's Discretion
    1. Automatic Transmissions ONLY!
    2. Must have a working torque converter.
    3. NO transmission coolers in driver's compartment or mounted to rear window. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  18. WEIGHT
    1. All weight must be mounted under the body of the car.
    2. All weight must be securely mounted with two half inch bolts and be painted white with the car number clearly marked.
    3. Vehicle must weigh 3000 pounds at all times with or without driver.
  19. WHEELS
    1. Bead Locks allowed on right rear only.
    2. No aluminum, mag wheels or homemade wheels are allowed.
    3. One inch lug nuts are mandatory on both sides of the vehicle.
    4. Steel racing wheels up to eight inches maximum width are allowed.
    1. Front and Rear hook ups MANDATORY - cable or chain preferred.
    2. No Hook-ups you will not race, No Exceptions!
    3. Tow hook cannot extend in front of car.
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Race Winners! [9/6/2014]
Dillon Nusbaum
Bill Stuttz
Rick Swartout
Wes Bates (R)
Dillon Nusbaum

Linc Stevens
Linc Stevens

Doug Zimmerman
Jess Stiger
Doug Zimmerman
Jared Horstman
Andy Teunessen

Street Stocks
Troy Patton
Keith Hiller
Benjamin M Drumm
Terry Bumpus
Chris Garrett
Keith Hiller
Dustin Hyliard