Butler Motor Speedway - 2017 Street Stock Rules


All safety rules apply. Please refer to the general rules for 2017 before starting on your car. You will have one warning after that you will be on the trailer no exceptions.



  1. Numbers with letters are allowed. Make the letter large enough to be seen from the scouring tower.
  2. Numbers must measure at minimum 22 inches high by a minimum of 15 inches in width.
  3. Color of the number must be in contrast with the car color.
  4. Numbers must be located on both sides of the car and the roof of the car. Put the roof number so it can be read from the scouring tower on the front stretch. 


  1. All glass, chrome, upholstery and mirrors must be removed. 
  2. Body must be mounted in stock location.
  3.  Body must be stock appearing.
  4. Plastic or aftermarket noses allowed but cannot be sloped as a late model. No downforce noses allowed of any kind.
  5. Nose and tail must be stock appearing for the make of the car. No widening or cutting the nose or the tail.
  6. No spoilers of any kind, including a sloped trunk lid or a raised tail piece.
  7. No verticals or ledges of any kind.
  8. Five Star or equivalent body kits are ok. Must be stock appearing.
  9. Rub rails are allowed. Max 1x1 only, no squared off corners, bolt heads out.
  10. Full unaltered template bodies from front to rear are allowed. Including truck bodies.
  11. Rear Sail Panels have a maximum width of 36 inches on the bottom, 24 inches on top and no more than 20 inches tall. The sail panel has to be 34 inches minimum distance away from the top edge of the tail piece to the closest point of the sail panel.


  1. American made cars or full size Uni-body cars Only.
  2. Camaros are allowed.
  3. Stock wheel base for the make of the car.
  4. Rear wheel drive, stock frames only.
  5. No fabricated or tube chassis of any kind.
  6. Frame strengthening will be allowed but cannot alter the existing chassis.
  7. Fire wall is not mandatory. Must have a steel foot box enclosing all of the drivers compartment.
  8. 104 inch wheel base minimum.



  1. Car must weigh 2800lbs minimum at all times with or without the driver.
  2. All weight must be mounted under the body of the car.
  3. All weight must be securely mounted. Painted white, marked with the car number.
  4. Weight falling off of the car during a race is subject to disqualification.


  1. No cutting of upper or lower A arms.
  2. No slider boxes, no third links and no adjustments.
  3. Front screw jacks, screw cups and spacers are allowed.
  4. Front outboard shocks allowed.
  5. Springs must be in stock location front and rear.
  6. Trailing arms are to be in stock mounts in stock location with no adjustment, stock leaf springs in stock location with no adjustments.
  7. Tubular upper A arms are allowed.
  8. Uni body cars must tie the front and rear sub frames.
  9. Rear shocks are to be in stock location.
  10. Racing springs are allowed in stock location.
  11. Steel shocks only, in stock location. No canister shocks, Aluminum, remote adjustable shocks, or bump stops allowed. No nitrogen filled shocks or Schrader vavles
  12. No coil overs or coil over eliminators.
  13. Stock lower A arms mandatory.


  1. A competition type 4 point roll cage is required and must be constructed with tubing that is a minimum of one and a half inches in diameter. With a minimum of .095 wall thickness.
  2. A minimum of three horizontal door bars are required for the driver and passenger side of the car.
  3. Radiator protection bars are optional.
  4. Must have at least 3 protection bars in the windshield area to protect the driver.
  5. Front and rear hoop bars are allowed.
  6. Drivers compartment must be sealed in completely.





Rear End

  1. 9 inch ford are allowed
  2. 9 inch floaters allowed
  3. Rear ends may be welded or locked.
  4. No quick change rear ends of any kind.
  5. No aluminum rear end components of any kind.
  6. Must be stock 4 link or stock leaf springs only.


  1. Rear disc breaks are allowed.
  2. Break bias gauge is allowed.
  3. No shut off valves, or shut offs of any kind.



  1. Mandatory drive shaft hoop 12 inches behind front of the U-joint.
  2. Must be painted white and remain white the whole season.


  1. Engine must be stock appearing. Cast iron block and heads only. No aluminum.
  2. Aluminum intakes allowed. Must be a dual plane. Center divider can be cut down one inch from the carb mount. Gauge will be used at any time track official requests carb to be pulled.
  3. Cast iron angle plug cylinder heads are allowed.
  4. Motor is to be in stock location. From front to back and from side to side. No exceptions.
  5. Full size Non metric cars (15”) max front top steering box bolt center to front exhaust manifold bolt center.
  6. Metric cars (12”) max top front steering box bolt center to the front exhaust manifold bolt center.
  7. Camaro cars must have engine in stock location from front to rear and side to side.
  8. Headers are allowed. Must be a weed burning type header that goes underneath the chassis. No 180’s, no over the top or cross over headers allowed.
  9. Exhaust has to end at least 5 inches behind the rear cage posts.


  1. 4 barrel Holley or Holley 2 barrel 4412 are allowed.
  2. Dual feed Single Pump Allowed, Must have a vacuum secondary.
  3. No predator style carbs and No Dual Pumps.



  1. HEI or stock ignitions are allowed only.
  2. No MSD ignitions.
  3. No traction control devices.


  1. Aluminum radiators are allowed.


  1. Automatic transmissions or GM Manual Transmissions.
  2. Clutch can be a minimum of 7 1/4 inches in diameter. No Exceptions.
  3. No direct drive units, No Dummy Convertors. No pressure Valves.
  4. Must have a working torque convertor.
  5. Car must idle in gear.
  6. No transmission coolers in the drivers compartment or mounted to the rear window.


  1. The fuel cell must be a steel container with two inch by 1/8 inch steel strap on each side to securely mount the fuel cell.
  2. E85 or 110 Racing fuel only. No Alcohol.


  1. American Racer 70 series are optional.
  2. Any 70 or 78 series Street DOT tire allowed.
  3. No all terrain tires Period. (Techs Discretion.)


  1. Bead locks allowed on the right side only.
  2. No aluminum, mag wheels or homemade wheels allowed.
  3. One inch lug nuts are mandatory on both sides of the car.
  4. Steel wheels up to 8 inches maximum width are allowed.
  5. No wide 5 wheels.

Wrecker Hook Ups

  1. Front and rear hook ups mandatory, either cable or chain.
  2. Tow hook cannot extend in front of the car.
  3. No hook ups you will not race. No exceptions.

Mandatory Safety Equipment

  1. 5 point harness must have a manufactured tag with the date not to exceed 5 years old.
  2. All cars must have aluminum racing seats attached directly to the roll cage.
  3. All cars must run a window net on the drivers side.
  4. All cars must have a 2 ½ pound working fire extinguisher with visible gauge for inspection.
  5. Flame retardant suit and gloves.
  6. Helmet with a manufactured date not to be older than 5 years old.
  7. Race Recievers are mandatory.



Butler Speedway’s ownership, staff and officials reserve the right to inspect cars at any given time for any reason. Failure to comply to the set rules may result in lose of points and pay for the night.



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Race Winners! [9/2/2017]
Tim Wilber
Robert Cook
Jeff Phair
Tim Wilber

Tim Wilber
Mark Pifer Jr
Darryl Banks
Corey Bevard
Robby Henderson

Doug Zimmerman
Beau Stewart
Ken Mackey

Street Stocks
Bob Dooley
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Bob Dooley
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