Butler Motor Speedway - 2017 FWD Rules

Butler 2017 FWD rules

 Safety requirements for 2017- A full fire suit is required, either a full one piece or a two piece suit with pants and jacket. No one will be permitted to run with a fire suit top only. We strongly recommend that all drivers have a high quality properly rated racing helmet,wear racing gloves,racing shoes,and neck collar,as well as any other additional safety equipment.


 Camber rule- maximum camber allowed will be 2'' right front only. No rear camber,no spring rubbers or spacers of any kind. No alternating or playing  games with your struts! YOUR CARS NEED TO BOUNCE UP AND DOWN FREELY!!
 NO rear steer!
 All metal bumpers must be strapped or chained
 Mufflers are mandatory,max of 2'' exhaust.
 You are allowed to run up to 1 3/4'' dia.x.090 bars down to the rear struts off the back of the main cage as well as between the rear struts. You are allowed to run a 1 3/4'' dia between the front struts and front frame horns.

 Any 4 cylinder  front wheel drive cars,except convertibles are allowed. No trucks, Turbo or super charged engines, multi carburetors,rotary engines,mid or rear engine cars,no cosworth engines. Factory fuel injection only.
 Complete stock body- front to back,stock frame, stock suspension, NO COIL OVERS,stock front and rear firewalls. Hoods and trunks need to be secured with quick release latches or pins.STOCK,STOCK,STOCK
 All glass must be removed,  bars in front of driver is ok.
 NO lead or any type of ballast of any kind may be added to your cars.
 All insulation, carpet,and fabric must be removed.  All headlights, tail lights,etc. must be removed.
 Stock transmission for that make and model of car.
 Battery may be relocated,must be strapped securely and coverd.
 Gas tank- if the stock gas tank is located ahead of the rear axle, it may remain in place. Any tank behind the rear axle must be replaced & relocated in the trunk. Use a small 8 gallon fule cell or boat gas tank. Fuel cell or boat tank will be mounted in the furthest forward area of the trunk,securely fastened with at least 4 straps.rear firewall must be enclosed if gas tank is placed in trunk.

 Tires and Wheels-

American Racer racing tire is allowed. There will be no Z rated tires, there will be no bias ply,trailer tires or re- caps allowed. Single ply sidewall Radial tires 300+ tread wear only!! 7'' wide stock wheel. 3" offsets can be ran all the way around. Oversized 1''lug nuts are highly recommended.

 Roll cage- A 4 point roll cage is mandatory. All doors are to be welded or securely fastened. Racing seat is HIGHLY recommended and mounted securely.
 Driver side window net is required. A set of racing harness is mandatory mounted in a safe and proper manner.

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Race Winners! [9/2/2017]
Tim Wilber
Robert Cook
Jeff Phair
Tim Wilber

Tim Wilber
Mark Pifer Jr
Darryl Banks
Corey Bevard
Robby Henderson

Doug Zimmerman
Beau Stewart
Ken Mackey

Street Stocks
Bob Dooley
Shawn McFeters
Bob Dooley
Terry Bumpus
John Ruby