Butler Motor Speedway - 2018 Street Stock Rules


1.†††††† The engine and frame must be manufactured by the same company when introduced into competition.

2.†††††† The number one (1) spark plug must align itself in a perpendicular line with the center of the upper ball joint for each manufacturer and be set back no further towards the rear of the car.

3.†††††† The engine block must be cast iron from an OEM manufacturer.

4.†††††† Dart big M and little M blocks are allowed.

5.†††††† Cast Iron 23 Degree cylinder heads of any make are allowed.

6.†††††† Aluminum cylinder heads of any origin are not allowed.

7.†††††† Cast iron or aluminum intake manifolds are allowed, either single or dual plane.

8.†††††† Cast iron or aftermarket exhaust headers are allowed. Must exit away from the driver and racing surface.

9.†††††† Conventional or aluminum radiators are allowed.

10.†† Only mechanical fuel pumps allowed.

Electronics and Ignition System

1.†††††† HEI distributors are allowed.

2.†††††† MSD boxes and or any other ignition amplifier boxes of any type are not allowed.

3.†††††† All cars must be equipped with an operable starter in working condition.

4.†††††† Any 12-volt battery is allowed.

5.†††††† Any battery mounted inside of the driverís compartment must be in a marine type enclosure with a lid and securely mounted.

6.†††††† No Traction control devices of any kind.


1.†††††† Holley type 2 Barrel Carburetor are allowed

2.†††††† Dual Feed, Single pump carburetors allowed. Must have a vacuum or mechanical secondary. Only one pump.

Transmission and Driveline

1.†††††† The transmission must have a minimum of two forward gears, one reverse gear and neutral position.

2.†††††† With the motor running and the car in the still position, the transmission must be able to engage the car in gear, move forward and then backwards.

3.†††††† Only OEM production type transmissions allowed, two speed, three speed, four speed and automatic.

4.†††††† Five speed or more transmissions, in and out boxes, and or quick change transmissions arenít allowed.

5.†††††† Only one flywheel or flex plate will be permitted. All driveline components inside of the bellhousing must rotate consistent with the RPM of the engine at any stage.

6.†††††† Bert, Brinn, Falcon type transmissions are not allowed.

7.†††††† Any manual type transmission must be in a OEM or OEM replacement case with a working 7.25 minimum diameter clutch. Bell housing must be open on the bottom or an inspection hole will be needed for inspection of clutch size.

8.†††††† Any automatic type transmission must be in a OEM or OEM replacement case with a functioning OEM pump and working torque convertor. No dummy convertors what so ever.

9.†††††† No direct drives of any kind.

Drive Shaft

1.†††††† Drive shaft must be a minimum of 2 inches in diameter made from magnetic steel.

2.†††††† Only magnetic slip yokes will be allowed.

3.†††††† The drive shaft must be painted white with the car number on it.

Rear End

1.†††††† Torque differentiating differentials such as DPI gold track, platinum track and Gleason are not allowed.

2.†††††† Stock passenger car, pick up and floater rear ends are allowed ĺ max.

3.†††††† No aluminum tubes or aluminum rear end components of any kind.

4.†††††† No cambered rear ends allowed.

5.†††††† Locked rear ends only, welding of the gears in the rear end is allowed.

Chassis/Frame/Roll Cage


1.†††††† A minimum 4-point competition roll cage is required. The roll cage must be constructed out of magnetic steel tubing that is a minimum of 1 Ĺ in diameter and out of 0.95 tubing wall thickness minimum.

2.†††††† Drivers head must not protrude outside of the cage with helmet on.

3.†††††† Driverís side door must be magnetic steel plated with 1/8 thick plating minimum.

4.†††††† A minimum of 3 driver protection bars are required in the windshield directly in front of the driver. Screen mesh is ok on top of the bars.

5.†††††† Window net is mandatory.


1.†††††† Any American manufactured cars and or full size uni body type cars 1964 and newer will be allowed.

2.†††††† Camaros are allowed.

3.†††††† Frame must match engine, GM to GM, Ford to Ford, etc.

4.†††††† All vehicles must maintain a minimum of 104 -inch wheel base. A maximum 1 inch difference from side to side.

5.†††††† Altering of the stock frame, except for repair to the original frame to maintain original specifications will not be permitted. Repairs that will be acceptable are those to patch holes or to fix rust areas, within reason.

6.†††††† Front and Rear wrecker hookups are mandatory.

7.†††††† The stock firewall and floor board can be replaced with a footbox that encloses the driver from the motor made of steel.

8.†††††† No fabricated or tube chassis of any kind.

9.†††††† The rear frame may be replaced from the rear shock absorber mounts towards the rear of the car. Regardless of make or model, style or car it can only be replaced after the rear shock absorber mounts.

10.†† Every car must have a magnetic steel drive shaft hoop.


1.†††††† All cars must weigh a minimum of 2800lbs at any given time

2.†††††† All lead must be fastened securely, results from lead falling off during an event will result in a disqualification for that event.

3.†††††† All lead ballasts must be painted white.

Fuel Cell and Fuel

1.†††††† Only gasoline type fuels are allowed.

2.†††††† The fuel cell must be securely mounted in the rear of the car and secured with straps.

3.†††††† All fuel cells must be enclosed in a metal container.

4.†††††† Only gasoline fuels allowed 110 Racing fuel allowed

5.†††††† E85 Allowed

6.†††††† Methanol and or alcohol are not allowed.


1.†††††† The body, body mounting position and overall appearance must resemble OEM and centered on both wheels.

2.†††††† All glass, chrome and upholstery must be removed.

3.†††††† After market body kits are legal, either plastic or aluminum.

4.†††††† Nose piece and rear tail piece must be OEM or aftermarket only.

5.†††††† No sloped noses, no wedged bodies of any kind.

6.†††††† Maximum of 1.5 inches of rake from the front of the windshield to the rear furthest point of the roof.

7.†††††† Station Wagons and Truck bodies are allowed.

8.†††††† Truck body must have a non-sloped deck to the rear tail panel.

9.†††††† Sail Panels are not to extend passed the middle of the rear tire besides on a station wagon body.

10.†† Front and or rear spoilers of any kind are not allowed.

11.†† Mirrors of any kind are not allowed.

12.†† Rub Rails may be used flush to the side of the body from the front tire to the rear quarter with no sharp edges. 1 inch in diameter maximum.

13.†† Full un altered template bodies from front to rear are allowed.

14.†† You may enclose the compartment to the right of the driver with aluminum or steel. The rake on the interior from the dash to the start of the tail piece can only be a maximum of 2 inches.

Wheels and Tires

1.†††††† Only 8-inch racing wheels are allowed.

2.†††††† All wheels must be a conventional one piece magnetic steel wheel.

3.†††††† Aluminum, plastic or carbon fiber, mag or homemade wheels arenít allowed.

4.†††††† Each wheel must be fastened by five 1 inch lug nuts.

5.†††††† Bead locks allowed on the right side only.

6.†††††† American Racer 70 Series stamped tire (MSRA) ONLY.

7.†††††† Any 70 or 78 series street legal DOT tire is allowed.

8.†††††† No recaps of any kind.

9.†††††† No all-terrain tires.

10.†† Tire softener or chemicals designed to alter the chemical characteristics of the tire and or the tire surface are not allowed.


1.†††††† All suspension components must remain stock in their OEM mounting locations for the make and model of the car with the exceptions of racing shocks

2.†††††† Upper tubular type A arm are allowed. Upper A frame mount may be moved or replaced with an aftermarket nonadjustable mount.

3.†††††† Lower A frames must be stock stamped OEM and not be moved or altered from there stock mounting locations. Homemade or tubular A frames are not allowed.

4.†††††† Collapsible Steering shaft is allowed.

5.†††††† After market, steering wheel and quick release are allowed.

6.†††††† Steering quickening devices are allowed.

7.†††††† Pitman and Idler arms must be stock or OEM replacement stock.

8.†††††† Tubular tie rods with heims ends are allowed.

9.†††††† After market center link is allowed.

10.†† The lower rear trailing arms must retain in their stock OEM length, from the original OEM application and measurement system and must remain specific to their chassis/frame. Must be the same length on both sides.

11.†† The lower rear trailing arms are to be mounted in the stock mounts on the frame, no additional holes in the frame are allowed.

12.†† The rear firewall must remain stock and the mounts un altered.

13.†† Upper trailing arms may be slotted to get the desired pinion angle but with only one set of mounting holes.

14.†† After market bushings, will be allowed, but the arm may not be altered in any manner. Adjustable Heims is not allowed on the rear trailing arms.

15.†† Rear shock mounts may be changed but to remain in stock location.

16.†† One 5.5 inch minimum coil spring allowed on each corner. One shock allowed on each corner.

17.†† No Coil overs of any kind.

18.†† Both rear springs must be mounted straight up and down and will not hang off either the front or the rear of the axle tube. Springs must be centered on the rear end tubes.

19.†† The upper spring perches can be replaced with a spring cup but is to remain in stock location.

20.†† Front screw jacks are allowed

21.†† The front shocks can be mounted out board.

22.†† Only magnetic steel body, non-adjustable shock absorbers are allowed, no Schrader valves.

23.†† No suspension limiters of any kind, this includes but is not limited to chains, ropes, straps or bump stops.

24.†† Stock 4 Link suspension only.

25.†† Suspension components that are adjustable within the driver compartment will not be allowed except for a brake bias adjuster.

26.†† Leaf type springs will be allowed. Only stock OEM type magnetic steel leaf springs, stacks will be permitted.† Single leaf, mono type leaf and or any type of slider or composite leaf are not allowed.

27.†† Four-wheel disc brakes are allowed.

Safety Equipment

1.†††††† 5 point made for racing harness is required and must be newer than 5 years old with a visible manufacture date.

2.†††††† Driverís Side window net is mandatory.

3.†††††† All cars must have aluminum made for racing seats attached directly to the roll cage. Full containment seats are highly recommended.

4.†††††† All cars must have at least a 2 Ĺ lb. fire extinguisher inside the cock pit with a visible gauge for inspection.

5.†††††† Flame Retardant made for racing suit, gloves and shoes are mandatory.

6.†††††† Neck restraint device is mandatory. Hans or equivalent is highly recommended.

7.†††††† Helmet made for racing with a manufactures date of 5 years or newer.

8.†††††† Race Receivers are mandatory.

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