Enduro rules for Oct 10th.

Enduro rules for Oct 10th.
Posted: Monday, September 14, 2023
The enduro rules are based off from the rules used at Kalamazoo Speedway. We will follow these rules.

Safety Requirement for 2015
A Full Fire Suit is required, either a full one piece suit or a two piece suit with pants and jacket.
No one will be permitted to run with a fire suit top only
We strongly recommend that all drivers have a high quality properly rated racing helmet, wear racing gloves & racing shoes, a neck collar or other style of head & neck restraint, as well as any additional safety equipment
Rule # 12 below
Always think
We Need all drivers and teams to look at the quality and construction of your cars as well as your personal
safety equipment. Take a look at putting in a good quality roll cage in your car or purchasing additional safety equipment, such as a good racing seat, racing gloves and shoes, extra roll bar padding for the cockpit area, and a good quality racing helmet. Remember, most safety equipment is a one time purchase, and can be used for several years
in different cars.
Call the office if you need a few names of where you can get an inexpensive
cage put in your car or if you need some information on safety equipment such as a firesuit & helmet.
If you choose not to run a cage, invest in a good piece of steel for a driver’s door plate that will overlap beyond
both the front & the rear driver’s door seam, so the plate can be securely bolted to the front fender as well as the rear door or quarter panel.
No Antifreeze period
any car caught during tech will have to drain your complete cooling system in an
approved container & will be assessed a 10 lap penalty. If you are caught draining or dumping antifreeze on
Speedway Property, you will not run & be disqualified for that event.
Camber Rule
Minimum camber adjustment will be allowed
½” of camber will be allowed.
No Spring Rubbers or Spacers of any kind. No altering or playing games with your Struts! Your cars do need to bounce up & down freely when going thru tech!
Rear Steer (Wheelbase) Rules are as follows:
The wheelbase will remain the same measurement on the
left side of the cars as it is on the right side. There will be ½” of tolerance.
No Expandable Foam allowed in any body panels
(around the battery or radiator OK)
All metal Bumpers must be strapped or chained......you will be blacked flagged if
you are dragging a metal bumper!
Mufflers are Mandatory
An Emergency Shut Off Switch is highly recommended.
You are allowed to run up to 1 ¾” dia. x .090 bars down to the rear struts off the back of the main cage as well as between the rear struts. You are allowed to run up to a 1 ¾” dia. support bar between the two front strut towers. You are allowed to have one

1 ¾” x .090 piece of tubing run between the two front frame horns of
your car. This bar will be back in from the front edge of the frame horn so it not to be mistaken as a support bar for your front bumper. This bar is intended to keep the frame horns in place & to assist with the mounting of your radiator.
Any 4 Cylinder Front Wheel Drive Car
6 Cylinder Front Wheel Drive Car with an
Automatic Transmission can be used in the enduro series
Mini Vans are Welcome!
are No Convertibles, No Trucks, No Two Seat Coupes, No Turbo or Super Charged Engines, No Multi
Carburetors, No Rotary Engines, No Mid or Rear Engine Cars, and No Cosworth Engines. Factory
Stock Fuel injection only.
Complete Stock Body
Front to rear, stock frame, stock suspension, stock front & rear firewalls
Stock, Stock, Stock!
All trunks & hoods will have working stock hinges. Hoods & trunks must be
secured with a quick release style hood pin or straps only
No nuts & bolts will be allowed
remove all factory hood & trunk latches. Bumpers must be chained or strapped to frame. All holes in firewalls or floor must be covered with metal. Steering and suspension must be stock no modifications minimal camber is allowed this will be measured with a carpenter square.
The metal portion of the dashboard, the steering column & pedals must be stock
No Mirrors of any kind
All cars must start with a key, or use a push button/toggle switch hooked directly to the steering column wiring harness. The vinyl cover on the dash may be removed.
All Glass except for the windshield must be removed. Lexon windshield is OK. All loose glass must be vacuumed out of the car. No lead, concrete, or any ballast may be added to the cars.
All Insulation & Upholstery under the hood, on the floor, and in the interior of the car must be removed. All headlights, taillights, loose chrome, etc. must be removed from the car.
Stock Transmission for that make & model of the car. An external cooler is permitted.
Battery may be relocated, strapped securely, and covered.
Stock Exhaust System with muffler
Max. Exhaust size will be 2”. If it is too loud, it will not run!
Gas Tank
If the stock gas tank is located ahead of the rear axle, it may remain in place. Any tank behind the rear end must be replaced & relocated in the trunk. Use a small fuel cell (8 gal or smaller) or a boat gas tank. Fuel cell or boat gas tank will be mounted in the farthest forward area of the trunk, securely fastened with at least 4 straps. Rear firewall must be enclosed if the gas tank is placed in the trunk.
Tires & wheels
No Directional Tires or Tires Marked Inside or Outside
Stock wheels for that make & model of car are fine. Safety Wheels can be used, but you are not allowed to increase your tread width, by using some big offset wheels.
Maximum size of any wheel will be 16x 7” wide
Oversized 1” lug nuts are highly recommended. All wheel weights must be removed from both the inside & outside of all wheels.
No low profile, trick, or exotic tires allowed.
No Z Rated
Tires of any kind!
Radial tires only, No bias ply, racing, or recap tires allowed. You may run a
14, 15 or 16” tire in a 75, 70, 65, or 60 series
maximum 225. The track has the final call on any and all tires.....
If you think you have found a way around the above tire rules, call us first, before
showing up with them on your car.
Safety Requirements
A roll cage with a minimum of a rollover bar is highly recommended with the rollover bar being just behind the driver’s seat. A full 4 post cage with a full set of drivers door bars & steel door plate is recommended for all enduro cars. The minimum tubing size is 1½” x .095 thickness, and must be securely welded or bolted to the car.
A steel plate welded/bolted to the exterior of your driver’s door and overlapping the front & back door seam is required if you do not have a roll cage with driver’s door bars.
No removing of any interior metal inner door or body panels if you are not running a roll cage with door bars. Removing of these panels will be allowed for door bar clearance only. Both doors must be welded or chained shut. If a stock seat is used, make sure all tracks are bolted in place. Highly recommended that the back of the seat be secured to the back of the roll bar. A racing seat, mounted to the roll cage is highly recommended.
Drivers Safety Equipment
A driver’s side window net is required and must be able to unlatch for easy driver exit
A set of racing seat belts and shoulder harnesses are required, mounted in a safe and proper fashion
Racing Helmet must meet minimum DOT standards;
a Snell approved helmet is suggested.
An approved fire suit, both tops & bottoms are required
Racing gloves and shoes are highly recommended
Rear Bars
We are allowing the placement of rear bars, solely for the purpose of safety and to try to keep the rear of the car from folding up so easy. Maximum of any tubing size will be 1 3/4", round or square; there will be no 3" or 4" channel. The rear bars may extend rearward from the top of the cage behind the driver, angling down towards the rear of the trunk area. We suggest having a piece of tubing welded flat on the trunk floor, back near the kickup of the very rear of the trunk area. This is the material that your two rear bars will attach to. No bars of any kind will extend out through the rear of your trunk area; any bars out past this point will need to be cut out before racing. You may have an
X in between your two diagonal bars.
Any rebuilding of the frame horns, strut towers, bumper mounts etc., can only be repaired with the use of flat stock that is 1/8” thick or less. No ¼” plate steel or 4”angle allowed anywhere on your enduro car. We realize as these cars race more often and some of this repair may be needed.
if you have any questions. Remember a phone
call ahead, may save you a ton of cutting
sawsalling at the track!
Butler Speedway Officials will have the final word on the eligibility of any car

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