Butler Speedway - The 1950s & 60s Photo Gallery

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(26) Kids Night
    Street Stocks Standings
    1:Glenn Heath1,434
    2:Keith Hiller-46
    3:Sheryll Dishaw-336
    4:Walter Otis (R)-344
    5:Bob Rendel-396

    Sportsman Standings
    1:Marty French1,217
    2:Wesley Bates-39
    2:Dwayne Feltner-39
    4:Logan Beckwith-59
    5:Jacob Rendel-73

    Sprints Standings
    1:Ken Mackey1,144
    2:Doug Zimmerman-117
    3:Shelby Bilton-119
    4:Mark Aldrich-323
    5:Dan Hall-337

    Modifieds Standings
    1:Tommy 12802 Beezley II840
    2:Josh Lolmaugh-67
    3:John Swift-103
    4:Greg Socha-106
    5:Brian Przepiora-165

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