2022 Front Wheel Drive Rules

2022 Butler FWD Rules

  • Safety
    1. Snell approved racing helmet within 5 years of manufacture date.
    2. Full fire suit, gloves, and shoes made for racing.
    3. Must have a fire extinguisher located within reach of driver.
    4. Racing harness with up to date SFI rating is mandatory. Mounted in a safe manner to the cage.
    5. Racing Seat and window net mandatory. Mounted to the cage.
    6. Roll cage
      1. Minimum of 4 point cage is mandatory.
      2. Minimum of three(3) driver side door bars with a 24”x30”x1/8” steel plate mandatory.
  • Tubing will be 1 1/2” dia. X .095 sidewall round tubing.
  1. Must 3 bars in front of driver; min 3/8” solid round bar.
  2. May run two(2) down bars to the front strut towers for stiffening.
  3. May run two(2) down bars to the rear strut towers for stiffening.
  • May run strut tower cross braces.
  1. NO ANTIFREEZE!!! If you use anything, use water wetter or a similar product.
  • Body
    1. Any front wheel drive four cylinder cars, except convertibles.
    2. Stock chassis
    3. 100” minimum wheelbase
    4. Complete stock body. DO NOT cut up the exterior of your car! This includes trunks and rear hatchs.
    5. Doors must be welded or chained closed.
    6. All metal bumpers must be strapped or chained.
    7. Must have tow chains at front and rear of car.
    8. Stock firewall, front and rear.
    9. Aftermarket side skirts and bumper covers ok. Aluminum skirts ok.
    10. Stock spoiler for make only.
    11. Radiator protection ok.
    12. Hoods and trunks will be secured with quick release latches or hood pins.
    13. All glass will be removed.
    14. All flammable interior materials must be removed. All exterior trim must be removed.
    15. 2200 lbs. minimum weight with driver
      1. All added weight will be lead and painted white with your number clearly on it.
      2. Weight CAN NOT be located in front of the driver.
    16. Gas tank
      1. If stock gas tank is located in front of the rear axle it may remain. Must have a skid plate.
      2. If stock gas tank is located behind the rear axle, it must be replaced with a fuel cell located in the trunk. Minimum of four straps holding it in place and rear firewall must be enclosed.
  • Drivetrain
    1. Cars will use OEM four cylinder engine and transmission for make of car. (i.e.; GM-GM, Dodge-Dodge, Honda-Honda)
    2. Locked differentials: OK.
    3. No turbocharged, supercharged, multi-carbureted, rotary, or Cogsworth engines.
    4. 2500cc limit.
    5. Factory fuel injection only.
    6. Stock crank for engine.
    7. Aftermarket connecting rods and pistons ok.
    8. Head work ok. (port matching, port polishing, head milling)
    9. Aftermarket/reprogrammed ECU/PCM ok.
    10. Aftermarket/Milled throttle bodies ok. No Multiple TB or Velocity stack style.
    11. Battery may be relocated. Must be in a waterproof box securely mounted.
  • Suspension
    1. Camber: RF – No Limit, RR – 1”, Left side will remain stock.
      1. This will be checked with a carpenters square.
    2. Stock and aftermarket coil-overs ok.
    3. May run aftermarket sway bars.
    4. Spring rubbers ok.
    5. No heating of springs.
    6. All suspension components will mount in the stock locations for the chassis.
  • Tires and Wheels
    1. Tires
      1. American Racer tire ok.
      2. Single side wall radial 300+ tread wear DOT tires maximum rating. No Z rated or better.
  • No bias-ply, trailer tires, or recap tires.
  1. Wheels
    1. Stock or racing wheels ok.
    2. Maximum 7” wide.
  • Beadlock on RF ok.
  1. Any offset on right side ok.
  2. 3” offset on left side ok.
  3. 1” safety lug nuts mandatory.


Every car will tech at the scale before the drivers meeting. If not legal per the techs discretion you will have until your heat race to fix the problem and have it checked once more. If it cannot be fixed at the Speedway you will not be able to run that nights events.