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cancelled 9/20/14
Posted: Saturday, September 20, 2014
Racing for 9/20/14 are cancelled due to rain, racing will continue sunday 9/21/14 at 1:00...[read more]

Butler 3 Day show Sep 19, 20, 21
Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Info for the Butler 3 day show Fri September 19th, Saturday September 20th and Sunday September 21st. Friday September 19th Hot Laps at 6pm Qualifying at 7:30 pm Mini Sprin...[read more]

Quick Results September 6th
Posted: Sunday, September 07, 2014
Butler Speedway Results September 6, 2014 Winged Sprints Feature: 1. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 2. 51 Roger Campbell, 3. 17 Jared Horstman, 4. 31 Andy Teunessen, 5. 10J Jarrod DeLong, 6. 47 Robert Bulloch, 7. 77 Zane DeVault, 8. 27 Shelby Bilton, 9. 27K Ryan ...[read more]

Saturday September 6th Full 4 in 1 program
Posted: Friday, September 05, 2014
Saturday September 6th will see the full 4 in 1 program of Winged Sprint Cars, UMP Modifieds, Sportsman and Street Stocks. This will also be the final points night for these 4 classes....[read more]

Saturday August 23 Quick results
Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2014
Butler Speedway Results August 23, 2014 Winged Sprints Feature: 1. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 2. 51 Roger Campbell, 3. 27 Shelby Bilton, 4. 29s Mark Aldrich, 5. 27K Ryan Kirkendall, 6. 50B Mike Burns, 7. 47 Robert Bulloch, 8. 5Q Quentin Blonde, 9. 94 Fred Wor...[read more]

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Race Winners! [9/6/2014]
Dillon Nusbaum
Bill Stuttz
Rick Swartout
Wes Bates (R)
Dillon Nusbaum

Linc Stevens
Linc Stevens

Doug Zimmerman
Jess Stiger
Doug Zimmerman
Jared Horstman
Andy Teunessen

Street Stocks
Troy Patton
Keith Hiller
Benjamin M Drumm
Terry Bumpus
Chris Garrett
Keith Hiller
Dustin Hyliard